Retrieve images from Tulip table using API

Currently there is no process to generate a new signed URL when accessing Tulip table records using the API. The options available are to either manually export the Tulip table into CSV and download the image or extract as a step within the running application (this option still requires use of external web service to programmatically download and save the image to external database)

Hi @jschmid53 - In Release 216 we have added a new API endpoint that can generate a signed URL. Details are in the API documentation. Please take a look and let us know if this solves your need or if you have any further questions!

@pete This is functionality we’re also interested in. We’re able to pull down the URLs for images in a Tulip table through the API but the 24 hour access window isn’t reset at the time of the API call. If we pull down the CSV directly from Tulip however, we get a fresh 24 hour access window on each of the image URLs. Is adding fresh image URLs on the roadmap for the tables API? Should I submit a feature request?

@seanswe, I just tagged you into another thread with a discussion on this matter. This endpoint is likely what you’re looking for, and there’s some more discussion in the other thread.

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Thank you, @John. I may be missing something but is that the correct link? I’m not seeing another API endpoint.

@seanswe, good catch, fixed link, you can also find here Displaying PDF with a Trigger

I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding your use-case, but every time I am accessing images through the API I resign the url. In general the process is something like:
1.) API Call to find all images matching the filters
2.) Create a list of all urls for the images
3.) Resign all urls in that list (another API call)
4.) Do whatever it is I’m going to do with the images. The URLs used in this stage must be the resigned urls, not the original urls

(I think this product suggestion can be closed because I have been downloading images with the API since the Dec 21 release of resigned urls)

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@Ethan, thanks for sharing that process, and I agree that this thread should be closed because the product suggestion has been integrated into the platform.

That said, this conversation has identified a gap in our documentation, and we’re going to work on increasing our coverage of the SIGNURL endpoint in the Knowledge Base. I’ll check back when that work is complete. In the meantime, any new questions related to signing URLs should go in a new thread, or to me in a DM.