Extracting Photos

I have an app with photo’s saved in a tulip table. I need to store these as a file on our network so at later dates they can be access and attached to excel as an embedded file. They then get converted to PDF when sent out.
Is there a way to save these out side of tulip, in a automatic way?

Ideally saved to a different blob account or a SQL DB possibly.



Hey @Adam.Fletcher ,

Is you SQL DB connected to your Tulip instance?

If so, you can write a connector function to save the image to your DB directly from the App you’ve already built.

If you’re not too familiar with Connectors in Tulip yet, check out this article.

That would only take care of photos being taken in the App going forward though…

In terms of extracting the existing photos in the table, there’s a few things you could (but they’re manual)

  1. Export the table as a CSV, and you’ll be able to access the image links directly
  2. Build out Connector Function to connect to your SQL DB, and build an App to simply write the existing photos to the database

Let me know if these options seem like they might work, or if you have any questions :slight_smile:



I have tried to build the connector function but get an error each time.

From what I can tell the image is stored as a varchar file path to blob storage not the image its self.

Do you have any examples of a connector script that can store the photos in a DB and what data type the DB image is in e.g. binary

I can download the file paths as a csv but thats much more fiddly than the current process from the users point of view.

I would have to give several users access to the tulip tables and the links seem to expire so they would have to redownload it each time.



hello @Adam.Fletcher,

that is correct, the Image URL (as a text field) is sent in the Connector Function Input when you select type Image. I would also like to add that the link does expire after a week.

have you considered using the print functionality with the Images from the Table Records displayed in a Step and storing it on your network as a PDF to then access from Excel??

let us know if this would work as a solution!!


The print to PDF of a step is the option ive gone with. Its works well, I also believe being able to email the PDF is in your development plan which will also be very useful so these PDF’s can be auto sent out

Cheers for the help


hello @Adam.Fletcher, thanks for providing more context.

I agree that adding the ability to send a PDF would be a valuable addition to the platform, would you mind posting in Product suggestions - Tulip Community?? thanks!!