Transport PDF and images between two instances

Hello Tulip Community!

My goal is to establish a connection to the supplier and to exchange pictures and documents with the supplier. Two instances are available for me to testing.

The supplier has an app on instance A (supplier instance), creates a photo/pdf document with an app and stores it in a tulip table. Then I want to automatically transfer the images and documents to my instance B (own instance).

My idea:
After an app has been completed, save the images and documents on my instance B with the table API in order to then be able to continue working with these data. For me it is important for the first time to move the images and documents between two instances.

My questions:
Is there already a similar use case for this?
Was anyone able to test this and already have experience?
Is there perhaps another workaround?
What do you think?

I appreciate any support and information!

Hey @Max.gojowczyk -

Using the Tables API to do this is definitely the way I would approach this problem too. The API (and its associated authentication) is the only automated pipeline to get data to/from Tulip pretty intentionally.

Another approach (that I probably wouldn’t recommend, but would work) is to store that photo into an intermediate system to host that image. That pipeline would look like:

  1. Collect photos in instance 1
  2. Connector to image hosting platform (like Brandfolder)
  3. Second app connector looks at that image hosting platform
  4. Image saved to instance 2.


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Thank you for your feedback @Pete_Hartnett

First of all, I’m not a professional API configurator :smile:
Do you happen to know if there is already a similar use case? Perhaps we could exchange ideas/experience on the subject and possibly save a few development steps.
Do you have an approach with examples for me?

Thanks in advance!