Uploading file to a tulip table through the API


Anyone has an idea how to update a file to the tulip table through the API?
I’m not talking about overwriting the link with an own link, but having the file uploaded in the AWS file server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

The purpose is the following:

I’m using an app to gather photo’s and information, this is sent via connector to a locally hosted API which handles generating a PowerPoint presentation with that information. Then this ppt is converted to pdf and I’d like to upload it to a table record. (This record would be used again for some other upload with a different application.)

The images don’t actually ‘live’ in the the tulip table its just a reference to the s3 bucket. So you can actually spin up your own s3 bucket, slap cloudfront in front of it and generate a signed url and then put that into the table… but thats probably not the easy answer you are looking for.
One other ‘evilish’ way you could do some sort of autoit automation…

Thanks for the info, I was indeed hoping I’d could use the s3 bucket from the Tulip AWS instance to store my files. Another way would be to have a widget handle conversion from a API response, but JS is not my strongest suit. It would take some time to set that up, but I guess there’s no easy way out. :slight_smile: