Sync data from Tulip production instance to another instance e.g Test Instance

We are developing our app on Tulip production instance. In order to test our work in this instance, we need to create dummy data and data is being captured in database level. The risk is we will send wrong signal to ERP system, impact downstream system and also reporting might capture wrong data. The proper way to do so is to develop new request in test instance and push it to production instance.
I know we can quickly clone an app from instance to instance. But we do need latest data to copy it over as well. To import the data from one instance to another instance, I manually exported the data to CSV file and imported it manually to another instance. If the table records is exceed 1K, I can’t import the data. Please advise how can I import the data if table records is more than 1K.
I am also looking for a quick way to sync the data from one instance to another instance. Is there a quick way we could run a script to drop all the tables in test instance and import all the tables and data?

Why doesn’t use connector environnement with 2 or 3 environnement by connector. We use this features since the beginning with our Quality, PreProduction and Production instance (ERP, PLM, DB, …)

Thanks. Are you using connector to grab the data from Production instance to quality instance in Tulip App or you write a separate program to do so?