RPM sensor or tachometer integration

Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone had integrated an RPM sensor or Tachometer into the Tulip system? It seems like it would be fairly straightforward but I wanted to see if anyone had already figured out a driver and sensor they liked.

Have you try IO-Link sensor from IFM? IO-Link integration is quite easy.

No, I didn’t know IO-Link integration was an option. Are you pulling the data from an API or directly into a gateway?

1- You can request your IO-Link master with HTTP fonction/connector. As information should be in HEX format, some transformation should be done in application.

2- Some IO-Link master enable to transform a IO-Link protocol in OPC UA tag, if you have already a OPC server in your stack

3- As new edge MC host now Node-Red, you can create a flow that pooling your IO-Link Master via HTTP and transform information (Report by Exception) and call upcoming « Machine API ».


Thank you, that is super helpful and I will look into it and give it a try. If we could do this for all the sensor data we are bringing in for all our analog machines that would make things much easier I think.

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