Simple custom alert box tulip widget

From Simple custom alert box tulip widget – Michael Ellerbeck

What if you wanted to pop up a little alert box in Tulip? Currently you can use the alert ‘Toast’

But these fade away. You could also create a whole new step and show your error there.

Or, what if you create a simple javascript tulip custom widget.

We can take advantage of triggering our alert javascript widget based on a change to a variable. (I did this through sending an incrementing number to a counter variable)

The javascript is simply

And then you configure the Alert Box to use the ‘counter’ variable

Profit ???


Hi @mellerbeck
Thanks for this input,

I implemented this solution as well.
But I also made one widged with an confirmation request.

All I had to do is replacing the
with this one:

This will fire the Event “confirmed” with an true or false value, depending on whether you pressed ok or cancel.

What do you thinK?

Nice! One interesting thing about this, if you are on the ‘live preview’ of shop floor, it will pop these javascript alerts at your browser!

Yes, its the same with a confirm();