Table Aggregation Returning Value That Doesn't Fit Query

Hello, I’ve run into a bit of an issue, and was unsure if perhaps I’m doing something wrong.

I am using a table aggregation to populate a dropdown menu in my app that shows previous revisions of a record.

Currently, I have a query with these parameters
Material used must match
Formula Name must match
Revision # cannot be null

This is combined with a table aggregation that shows the unique values found in the query (in this case the revision numbers).

When I test this with an entry that has multiple revisions, everything loads correctly.

When I test this with an entry that only has a single version, the user can still select the “1” revision from the dropdown, but instead of just loading and displaying the same record twice, a completely different record is being loaded that does meet any of the table query parameters except the revision number not being null.

I’ve ensured that the table query requires “all” parameters to be met. If I test this query on the table and manually input the same info that the app is passing, only the correct table record shows up. Any thoughts?