The New Knowledge Base is LIVE!

Major upgrades to Tulip Knowledge Base

Most of the time I just get to announce my coworkers’ work (and steal their praise) but today I get to announce one that I actually did!

Last week we soft-launched a new Knowledge Base HERE

:tada:NEW Things :tada:

  • Reorganized documentation structure to improve discoverability
  • In-Context definitions for Tulip-Terms. Great idea @TechnicallyKatie
  • Dark mode. Shoutout @tim.heid
  • Higher-level overview documents about core concepts (What is a variable, connector, table, etc)

What’s Next?

  • Tulip Recently hired a full-time documentation specialist who will take ownership of the Knowledge Base. As they get up to speed we will start creating tons of new text-based content.
  • LOTS of documentation will be consolidated in the coming months.
  • Automated tooling is now in place to trigger the review of documents when the product changes, so KB documentation stays accurate indefinitely.

Please reach out if you run into any dead links, incorrect content, or areas where the product isn’t adequately explained!