Transform Base64 string in Image variable

Will be nice in trigger action/fonction editor to convert a base64 string into a image variable. I will enable us to show a image in Tulip apps without store in table or S3.

I agree. It would also be good if SVGs could be handled the same way. In the short term, this is achievable by using a connector function.

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We have a use case where an inspection machine takes pictures of a part and makes measurements. The machine manufacturer asks us for the protocol to send this data. We oriented it to the MQTT format with base64 for the photo. Then via NodeRed we send this data to the Machine Tulip API. Any other protocol suggestions to allow us to send this data and display the image in real time in Tulip?

are you sure about syntax?

The syntax I shared works with the built-in “connectors demo” which is a postgresql database. The “||” is a concatenation.

In another database, like SQL server, you may need another syntax like “concat(‘string1’,‘string2’)”

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Thanks, + works for SQL Server

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Our application works well with this tip :slight_smile: But we have a limitation on the size of the image. Do you know where this limitation can come from? (The database, the Tulip connector, the text field, …) Thanks

Great to hear! I’m not quite sure, could you send me the image base64 string for me to play with? I wonder if there is some character limit somewhere.

Hello Mark,
thank you to help us on this Topic.

I can not send you here the .txt file.
Can i share this on Email?


@yvan.chkouropadsky Sure, you can send it to that email if you’d like. Also, the new STRING_TO_IMG_URL() function in the expression editor will make it so you no longer need to use the connectors demo workaround.

Hi Mark,

Do you know a solution to integrate pdf files in a Tulip application from a data:application/pdf;base64 URI?