Tulip OS 50 - September 2022

OS50 is available for the Edge MC and Edge IO devices. Changelog below.

OS 50.2

September 3, 2022

  • Fix Wifi bug where configuration was being incorrectly overwritten

OS 50.1

July 14th, 2022

  • Add SNMP support for Tulip Devices
  • Node-RED: Add support for Node-RED as a Machine Data Source
  • Node-RED: Add support for table links in tulip-tables node
  • Node-RED: Add library flow to demonstrate integration with Witmotion HWT901B 10-axis IMU
  • Enable MQTT Broker with username and password support
  • Improve OTA update support when connected to a Proxy
  • Upgrade Tulip Player on EIO to 1.7.0
  • Add support for Ohaus PX163 weighing scale and Tera D6100 Barcode scanner
  • Various version upgrades
  • Various bug fixes and refinements

Sending Data to Multiple Tags (Advanced) is not available in 50.2 version?

It is available in 51 and later (technically future release). Sorry :slight_smile:

Great feature adding Mosquitto as an option to run on edge devices. I’m curious of the purpose of the bridge connection I can see in the logs. Are there features coming where MQTT will be more native in Tulip apps?

On a different topic, I would really love to see Node-RED updated to the latest version on edge devices. There are so many new features worth having that would be great to see on the Tulip devices.

We are working on moving the device’s software to a MQTT based system, but the topic structures and access controls aren’t clearly defined yet and subject to change so we don’t want to release it completely to customers quite yet. The bridge gives customers a way to use MQTT while we are continuing that work.

Updating Node RED to version 2 or 3 is on our radar, but it involves some breaking changes and we are still trying to figure out how to migrate existing code using the current version to newer versions without too much burden on customers using it in production.

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Thank you for the information / update!