Using array variable to "filter" interactive table results

I have a question similar to other posts but it is slightly different.

I have a Epicor connector that returns an array based on a truck number. The array contains a list of values (Kit ID) that correspond to a Tulip table with that same value (Kit ID). I believe I can use the new query function to filter the table in the app. Since it is an interactive table the operator can then select the record and be directed to the appropriate app.

The problem I run into is getting the connector array data translated into something I can use in the query. The array returns 1600-1700 Kit ID’s (many of them repeating) I just need a list/string/etc that can be stored as a variable(or maybe an expression?) that the query can use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hello @MikeRousch, thanks for posting!!

are you familiar with the Array > To String Trigger Action?? based on what I’m understanding, this could help create the filter you’d like for your Query.

let us know if this helps in what you’re trying to build!!

The “join to string”?

@MikeRousch, correct!!

furthermore, I provided an update on this post that I think may help you achieve what you’re looking for: Table Queries functionality "in" and "not in" - #2 by gio

So right where is says “Truck BOM” there is the array I get back. I need to understand how to join them with the delimiter. I’ll try a couple of options.

This is where I am stuck

ahh OK, @MikeRousch. in the Trigger Action above, is Parts List by Truck Number being stored as a Variable or Array?? if it’s a Variable, could you try Array??

the dropdown you circled will populate with all the Arrays available in your app.

I think I am having trouble getting it to store the value from the connector as an array. This is what is returned.

The App variable screen shows the data as an array…

Just tried using on of the help tutorials, there is an error but I might be on the right track.

hello @MikeRousch, what is the error message you’re seeing?? it seems to me like you’re using the MAP_TO_TEXT_LIST() Expression correctly

The problem is that MAP_TO_TEXT_LIST(Variable.Parts List by Truck Number, “Parts List”) is that that variable is not reading in the array option. I found a work around where I used an interactive table to create a variable that I can convert into an array, but I don’t think the function is working as designed. I am missing a “.Truck BOM” at the end of (Variable.Parts List by Truck Number, “Parts List”). It should be (Variable.Parts List by Truck Number.Truck BOM, “Parts List”). The work around allows this to happen but in a way I don’t fully understand.