Validation for duplicate values

We routinely scan serials into an app, each populating a unique text variable (serial1, serial2, …). It would be incredibly useful to have the red validation indicator on the text input box when its input matches another input.

While we could add the serial to an array upon scanning, this doesn’t help us when the operator needs to manually type a serial in.

I am hoping that the validation rules can be expanded to include a use case like this.

Hi @Preston, thanks for your suggestion for validation rules. Just to make sure we have your suggestion correct, you’d like the form field to validate that the value input is unique and does not match another input (if it does, then indicate a validation error)?

Thanks for your feedback — this will help us when expanding the capabilities of validation rules.

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Hi @shep,

I understand it like (and that would be more versatile) having a validation rule not in.
So the input text is not in an text array.
Similar to whats possible in trigger logic:

That would also be expandable with a does not contain any of... to provide a list of illegal characters or strings…

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Hi @thorsten.langner, this makes sense and is very helpful. Thanks for the clarification!

@Preston if you had more to add or intended on something else, please let us know. Otherwise, I will incorporate this into our future planning. Thanks everyone!