Variable list to be a window instead of a modal

I think it will be very useful to have the variable list as a window and not as a modal.

This way can :

  1. have the variable list side by side with app devel page to easily create / review variables.
  2. make use of full real estate of the screen, less scrolling up and down.
  3. Use the CTRL+TAB (in MS windows) to change between windows to quickly navigate between devel and variable list.
  4. maybe another future feature — to drag and drop variables in to widgets and triggers, instead of scrolling through a list.

Hey @Rakitha -

This is something there is a lot of discussion around right now, actually! Totally agreed that a modal that can’t easily be dragged out of the way is a less than ideal user experience. Right now we don’t do a good job showing that the variable modal exists.

I hadn’t though about the mental model of being able to drag a variable to an input to map them, but I really like it.

I will pass this feedback to the product team! Keep the ideas coming!

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