Zoom feature for mobile App

I have had a lot of requests for the ability to zoom in while using the mobile app. Hoping this becomes a new feature soon!

Thanks Heather! Got a question for you:

  1. What do people typically need to zoom in on? Is it images, video or text? Or all of the above?

I would say mainly text…but pictures would be good too!

@hwagner with pictures, you should be able to click on the picture and then zoom in/out and pan.

just to confirm is this using the Android Player or player accessed via /player??

This is using the Android Player

@hwagner got it!! could you confirm zooming on pictures works on your devices??

and regarding text, is there any way you could change the font size/step layout to make it more legible?? I’ll let @kevin.kononenko take it from here.


I tried but was unable to zoom into the photo input within the app. Adjusting the size text would cause us to have 30 steps within the app. Some items we want to stay grouped together so a better option for us would to have the ability to zoom into the screen.

Got it, thanks Heather. I will review this with our engineering team.