Ability to only assign published version of an app and not the development version

I would like to have a workspace setting that only allows published version of an app to be assigned to a station. This way if I have a “Production” workspace I can make sure that only approved and published versions are available for stations in that workspace.

Hi @Rakitha, thanks for the suggestion. App lifecycle management and the partitioning of dev/prod environments is a really rich topic so thanks for starting this conversation.

I’d like to learn more about the use-case for limiting versions published versions to stations at the workspace level. Is there something this would enable you to do or a scenario you need to account for that assigning permissions at the station or station group doesn’t?

Hi @John, My suggestion comes from requirements in life sciences. It is important for us to control what apps are used in production. The Tulip station assignment procedure minimises some of the risk as only a selected few users has access to this. But it would add another level of protection if the production environment only has access to released/approved apps.

I’m going to muddy the water here a bit and add another request since we are talking “app LCM”.
When I import/export apps across workspaces the app version is not maintained. The imported app always starts at version 1. This makes modifying existing production apps very complicated.
Other closely related issue is maintaining / merging completions data when importing/exporting.

I can imagine the complexities of getting something like this to work properly. but i really hope Tulip is thinking about these :slight_smile: