Ability to write "completions like" data to a central log

We have a use case here in which a critical event can occur in several apps concerning the same object that is tracked.

In order to track those events at present, it would only be possible to write them into a table. But this data can still be modified later.

A central log would allow to issue the event with the same signature from different steps across any app that might interact with the object concerned. You could then build analytics based on the common log to understand what happened over time.

Concrete example:

Consider a transportation tool which consists of

  • An app to create a transport, which defines what needs to be moved from location A to location B
  • An app to execute a transport, which guides the operator to move the transport from location A to location B
  • An app that consumed the transport, i.e once the transport has arrived it is taken off the destination location

What you would like to track in this context is the transport, who created it, who executed it, when was it picked, when was is dropped, how long did it take, etc.

Seems to me like this is a product suggestion for immutable tables? No?

A table which can only be written to. Never updated or deleted. Would be super useful!


Agreed on the super useful - this would have great admin benefits