Add indication to trigger menu if a transition is part of the trigger or not

Would be great help to directly see if a trigger contains some transition actions or not, with an icon. At least in the current form of the trigger handling (which I really hope is going to be improved at some point.)

“Hmm… where did that transition event occur again in the trigger stack… ?? :sneezing_face: Ok, let’s go one-by-one…”


Thanks for the suggestion! I can understand how a visual cue would make it easier to quickly see what triggers include transitions. The Tulip Team has been working on the trigger/logic editor and they should have something up their sleeve that will help :slight_smile:

I have a similar thought about connector usage.
It is a pain to trouble shoot, if a lot of connector functions are used.

As a workaround I started labeling the triggers in its name (as prefixes).
-> means there is a transition
<- means there is a backwards transition
320 - means there is a connector function used, that I also labeled with 320 as prefix.

I never do multiple connector functions in one trigger and I never combine connector functions and transitions. This makes debugging a lot easyer…

Thanks for these helpful tips Thorsten! Really great way to help make this debugging easier.