Add pop up functioniality

Are we able to add pop up function without creating new step? It seems like a lot of effort to recreate new step with pop up.

I saw below article back in 2021 and talk about work around but seems little cheesy:

Hi @Leooh0411 ,

I know you’re asking for an implemented solution. But as workaround you could realize this feature with a custom widget.

I found one Alert here in the Community and changed it to my needs. Then I also created one with a confirmation possibility so you can accept and deny.

This looks something like this:

Both versions do pop up, if a counter variable inkreases.

It is not a master piece of design and if the TULIP Player is the Browser one, then it pops up at the very top of the page. So I support your suggestion.

But maybe this helps as a temporary solution for you.

Let me know if you are interested in this custom widget.

By the way: Did you know, that you can also vote for your own suggestion? :wink: