Add "Release Notes" section to the account view and add an option to be auto-notified upon release

Title says it all. I hope this is improved in the future… just having a message popping up in the community is not enough. Especially if a single comment from one of the community members is enough to derail the order of the posts. It also makes it terribly difficult to check when and if some new feature was changed added in the past.

Hence, please consider putting these release notes somewhere where one can clearly follow how the plattform has evolved over time, including when those changes were made/added.

Hey @sebme -

This is a great callout. There is work in-flight to improve this experience. This has been a bit of a challenge just because of the sheer number of tickets we ship every release (several hundred in most cases). Either adequately consolidating these tickets, or describing each with enough detail for users to understand is a sizable lift.

A few questions to inform this work:

  • Do you have any examples of products that do this really well?
  • Would you want ticket-by-ticket granularity on the changes made, or more ofan overarching summary?

I think the ability to reply on a forum like this is a good way to deep dive into a specific change, but I agree, it can tend to sidetrack the conversation.


Hi Pete,

how about something like this… (only the changes section)

With a link to the discussion thread in the community where you can voice feedback This could be a good start.

Not sure very single ticket discussion would necessarily be needed.

They group it in

  • New features
  • Improvements
  • Fixes