Adding a Linked Table record to the Dashboard

Is there a way to display a linked record within a table on the dashboard? Since it technically is part of that table, I’m not sure why I wouldn’t have the ability to also add this to a table in the dashboard.

hello @hwagner, thanks for posting!!

this is a great idea, I have submitted a ticket for a Feature Request for this to be processed as it is indeed currently not possible.

in the meantime, have you considered adding a Text field in the Table displaying the information stored in the Linked Field?? something along the lines of this:

let me know if this would help what you’re trying to build!!

Hi Gio,

Thanks for responding. I didn’t think that could be done if that information is coming from a different table? I would manually have to add the “text” column. Having this available would definitely close the loop on our data dashboard.

I appreciate you submitting this feature request!


hello @hwagner, no problem. thank you for suggesting it!!

you would have to add the Linked ID (as a Text format) in an additional Trigger action. would this work for you??

thanks again!!

Can you explain how that would look?


@hwagner, yes for sure!! I would add 2 actions to one Trigger that both updates the Link column and the Link [Text] column:

the Static Value = 123, can be set to any variable you’d like.

do you think that would help in what you’re trying to build??

Yes. I think this would in the interim. I will go ahead and try to build this out.

Thank you!

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I think this is probably related to the issue with table filtering by linked records as described in this thread: Filter embedded table with linked record field