Cannot add a text column after create "Linked Record"

I created column “Linked Record” into the table A,
then I need to add a New column “Text” into the table A.

I cannot add the column “Text” with this Error message.

But I could add only the column “Linked Record”.

When I add a column “Linked Record” to a Tulip table, Can I edit the table?
If I cannot edit the table, do I have to recreate the table?
Is it just a problem with this table A?

Sorry I have a no idea. Please help me

In my opinion this should work.
How manx columns do you already have?

Thank you for your reply
I have 17 columns.
I can only add a column “Linked Record”.

>In my opinion this should work.
I think it was a sudden problem.

What should I do if I find another table that I cannot edit?

at first I would try to rebuilt this issue with another two tables (link them and add columns).

Then I would discuss the result with the TULIP Support

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