Tuip Tables suggestions

Hi there I have been working A LOT with Tulip tables and linked records lately for a project.

As you can see I have a column where I’m accumulating P/N’s. I think it would be very helpful to have the possibility to copy one record and create a new one with a different ID. Otherwise you will end up having to input the same info over and over again which is very time consuming.

Also I would like the possibility the rearrange records by dragging and dropping them in the preferred position as you can do with triggers.

Also is there a reason why the ID column cannot be edited provided is no repeated?


I would suggest creating an app within Tulip to do the manipulation you describe in your first and second points. I have many auxiliary apps that I have created for performing more advanced functions on my tables. Your first request should be fairly straight forward if you are familiar with interacting with tables within Tulip apps. Your second request can be accomplished by creating a table query to sort the results however you’d like. This can be used either in the table interface you show in your screenshot or with an interactive table within a Tulip app.

If you potentially need to edit the ID table you should just create another column with that information. With Linked records it is possible to locate a record within a table via searching through any column, not just by searching by ID (although this is often the easiest way).