How can I edit the table ID?

I’m new to Tulip and start using it few weeks ago.
Currently, I’m trying to create a table to see my data input. But the problem is my table ID is auto-generated by system (i believe). I have no idea how to get the specific ID. I have seen people able to get the ID in numerical order.

I need some guidance on how to create the table ID.


Hey @MTT-

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Here is a good (while being a couple years old) document with a little more detail about creating records.

Here is whats going on in your case -

  • When you create a record, you need to give the record an ID, this ID needs to be unique, and not blank. To get around this you are using the RANDOM_STRING() function as the ID, this generates a 17 character string for the ID (this is what you are seeing).
  • Using random strings is usually the right decision to insure these IDs are always unique, but there is no reason you cant use something more human readable, like the order number, current date, or anything else.
  • Here is a case where I have a My desired ID variable that we will create a record for.

Does this make a little more sense? I run office hours for new users weekly, feel free to sign up here for some more 1:1 guidance.


Hi Pete,

Thank you for the replies. I understand the above explanation.

I still have few question to ask.

For the desired ID, do I have to create a variable for user to key-in? Is it possible to get the ID without the user have to key-in the number into app? (what I meant is, can I get the system to help me generate the ID, for example 001, 002, 003 and so on without user keying in the number)


this is the ID variable i created for user to key-in
Can I don’t use this ID variable input and let the system to generate my desired ID , in increasing number? from wherever I left over.

The concern i’m having is if I have to use the app next day or may be one week later or someone who want to use my app, we won’t know what ID to key in and have to refer to previous data again.

Thank you.
Best Regards

Hey @MTT -

A couple tips here-

  1. Auto incrementing can totally be done, check out this guide that walks through how to achieve that behavior.
  2. The interactive table widget is great for a case like this where you want users reloading a record, and they may not know its ID. I showed a new user this during office hours yesterday (check out the recording here, around 45:00). In this case we have randomly generated IDs, but a user can select the record they care about and it will automatically be loaded into their placeholder. On top of this interactive tables can be dynamically filtered so users can only be presented with records that match their desired condition (in this example, we are filtering orders without approval).

Does this give you a few more ideas on how your could resolve this?

Hey Pete,

Thanks for the video and links. I somehow get the idea now. I will try those methods in my app.