Create a table record from the app that can auto generate table ID


I am trying to create an “Andon Event” app that you can enter data such as part number, image, description etc in the app and display this in a table. I want to make the ID’s so that event 1 has ID of 0001 and event 2 has ID of 0002 and so on. The person who enters the data however will not know what the next ID is. Is there a way that this can be done, so the next Andon event has an ID of the previous event +1.



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this Post: Increment table ID field from the app - #3 by gio describes how you can use the Table API to get incremental ID’s based on the max in the Table. (as a note, the Product team is looking into other solutions to make this more streamlined, but this should help in the meantime.)

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Thanks for that link @gio, i’ll try that out tomorrow.


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