Creating a table that is like a logbook

I’m trying to create a sort of action log. What I really want is a table that’s fairly generic and includes a few text columns, I then want certain actions to just generate log entries. The problem I’m having is what to use as a key. In a normal database what I would want would be an autonumber field. The ‘insert’ query would not provide a value, the database would increment the last value and use that. This way, I can get a time-ordered history of exactly what happened, using the create date on the row (provided by tulip tables implicitly) for ordering.

Is this possible?

The only other way I could think to do it is have an ID column that’s a string (the default) and generate a value as an expression, but it would have to be unique to do that and I’m not exactly sure how to accomplish that either.

Take a look at this thread, it shows how to create an autoincrementing ID field.

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Why isn’t there an enormous race condition here?