Using Table Aggregations to auto-increment ID

We have an internal Office Hours meeting more or less for anyone that is building an application. The objective is to share ideas and also to collaborate and align on approaches to problems so that we can develop best practices of building in Tulip as a team. Here’s something I learned in our last session:

The problem
I wanted the system to work so that every time I made a new quality event, it made a new entry in the table with a human readable ID that read something like QE-1, QE-2, QE-3…

The solution
You can use Tulip Table Queries and Table Aggregations in order to auto-increment ID numbers.

Here’s how it works:
1/ Make a Table Query for all the records you want to count. In my case it is a Query for all entries where ID contains ‘QE’
2/ Make an aggregation. In my case the aggregation is COUNT()
3/ Add the query and aggregation to your app
4/ Add trigger logic that loads the Tulip Aggregation into a variable and creates a table records that increments the table aggregation by 1