Auto Incrementing Column Tulip Table

It might be useful to have an auto incrementing column. And in addition, when you import a CSV into a tulip table it could auto increment the column.

Hey @mellerbeck check this out – Using Table Aggregations to auto-increment ID

Hope it helps!

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I used this for multiple applications and it is a hard workaround for a supposedly easy task and it does not work for importing csv.
When importing data you cant say just add these rows to the table, you have to check the current ID-s and increment them or generate random ids in the csv so you can add the data you need.
Is this function planned for the future?
I believe this would save a lot of time for users as well, because you don’t need to go trough these steps and write custom expressions for adding a simple row for your table.
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Hi Konrad - Welcome to Tulip Community! :tada:

Aggregations is still the main way to accomplish this, but we totally acknowledge the pain points you have here and appreciate you bringing those up!

One thing that could help is Automations. Without knowing all the details of your use case, I believe you could use the “Table Record Update” event block to auto increment table IDs (similar to this use case: Inventory Management Solution with Automations)

Have you checked automations out yet for something like this? Happy to discuss more details if you want to walk through your specific use case!