Adding a youtube video column type

Howdy party people!,
in tulip tables could you create a youtube video column type and add variable to the youtube widget function?. then you could dynamically load youtube videos into an apop as parameters and the app evolve
That would be super cool!
Stay awesome,

Chris Winters

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Hello @CPS_Chris_Winters,

Thanks for sharing, this is a great suggestion!!

We are in the process of adding support for additional file types to Tables, including one for videos (that will work in a similar way to images).

Would uploading videos this way work for you or do you need to reference YouTube videos directly??

Thanks again for providing the feedback!!



Hey @CPS_Chris_Winters,

A suggestion that a colleague of our just shared that would work well is to simply store the URL as a text field and using the action Open Link to open the video in a browser:

Let me know your thoughts on this!!