Adjustment of font size of the x-axis and y-axis in Bars/Charts analytics

Can the font size be adjusted in the bar/charts analytics? A production dashboard will be displayed on the shop floor. tracking hourly requests. The current font in the X & Y axis is difficult to view from a distance.

hello @JudLew, adjusting the font size is not currently an option on Analyses. I’d recommend posting a suggestion in Product suggestions - Tulip Community if you’d like!!

I will also mention that you could build a Dashboard via an App, and run that via a Player (or browser) to have more control over dimensions of the Analyses.

Thank you. I’ll post a suggestion.
Have a Great Day!

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Hey @JudLew -

I have good news for regarding this topic. The functionality to change font sizes for text in charts within Apps will be part of the next release (Release 249, actively being rolled out to production).

The release comes with even more new formatting-related features for analytics like a new formatting panel, custom axis titles and more. You can check out the release notes with GIFs showing the features here.