Analytics fonts

All fonts in any type of graph can’t be larger then appear on the original way.

Please resolve this issue.

Thank you,

Hi Amit, which part of the text are you looking to enlarge? text on the x-axis/y-axis? Labels on the graph?

Hi Li,
I’m talking about all parts of the graph, there is no possibility in the app to control those font size (and color), the size is fixed and can’t be changed anywhere.
For example, if you take the following analytics :

You can see that you can change only the size of complete graph shown in app step and the background color.
If the app is shown on a big screen on the wall, for example, the fonts can be ok, but if I pretend to show it on a tablet, you will need an extra pair of glasses to read it.
So, what I thought will be good here is to add attributes of font size to both x-axis and y-axis and the title of the graph.

Thank you,

Hi @ZixuanLi ,

Do you have an update on this issue?

I would like to raise this topic again.
I would like to be able to change the size of the text on the X, Y axis and legend of the graph.
Is there any way to do this?

There’s a fix in the works now, but no timeline yet for when it will roll out to users.

I await the upcoming information.

@Amit @da-noguchi I have good news for regarding this topic. The functionality to change font sizes for text in charts within Apps will be part of the next release (Release 249).

The release comes with even more new formatting related features for analytics like a new formatting panel, custom axis titles and more. You can check out the release notes with GIFs showing the features here.

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