Allow for Currency as a Static Value

have a number to currency function then be able to store currency in a table as a number with $ and be able to make analytics off of it like graphs.

Hey @nspradley,

I just wrote up a feature request for this guy. With expressions you can round a value to 2 decimals and add the correct currency symbol, but I realize this doesn’t really achieve what you’re getting at. Right now its either-

  1. Store as a text with a currency symbol but then you can’t do much with analytics
  2. Store as a number, but now you lose that currency context. You can get around this some by doing the rounding (and symbol add) in the analytic itself, but that can be tricky for some analytic types.

Keep the great ideas coming-

Thank you @Pete_Hartnett!

I am currently storing both the number itself, and using that for data. And manipulating that not only to have $ but also , in the correct location so it’s easy to read on a display.