Adjust Decimal Places Shown on Data in Dashboards

How do you adjust the number of decimal places of the App variable Data shown in dashboards?

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just to confirm, is your Analytic displaying a number being calculated with an Expression??

if so, you can adjust the number of decimal places using the ROUND() function.

without ROUND():

with ROUND()

This article: Technical Details of the Expression Editor :link: has information if you search for ROUND().

just to confirm, is this the what you were looking for??

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Not quite, see screenshots. The data is stored with more decimal places, when I see it in the dashboard it is automatically rounding the data when I do not want it to…

Hi Dan, one idea here could be to use the TOTEXT() expression, and display the number as a text string. The entire string should be displayed in that case.

Let me know if that works for you.

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Hey Kailey, what do I put in the TOTEXT(?) expression? I tried putting the #variable name but it does not accept that.

Does TOTEXT(@Weight Check-Cav2 Weight ) work?

Yes that seems to work, my bad I forgot the @. Thanks for the help!

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