Calculation Significant Figures

Both variables are number inputs that get populated from a button trigger.

Whenever the trigger is executed, the number value spits out more significant figures than it has been set to.

Both Quality Index (Lower & Upper Limits) variables have been set to Decimal setting '1.00" for 2 significant figures, but the table record consistently stores 3 sig figs.


Thanks for any help!



Hey @gentleboyjones -

The widget property for precision just adjusts how values are presented within the app editor, but doesn’t actually impact how that data is stored in the table itself. So regardless of that setting, all numbers are stored to ~9 decimals. The tables UI shows all numbers to 3 decimals, but if you pulled table data from a csv export or over the API, you would see all of those decimal places.

There is a feature request in the works to be able to control the decimal places throughout the data pipeline. While this feels like it should be a super quick change, there is a fair bit of engineering work on the backend to make this possible. One option currently to force a consistent number of decimals is to store that value as text using the TOTEXT expression function and TEXTTONUMBER function (if you need to convert back to a number).

Thanks for the patience!

Thanks, Pete. I’ll keep that in the back of my mind. (y).