Analysis - Items Completed During Current Week

I’m setting up an analysis for a count of completions during the current week. It’s not counting items that were started the prior week but finished in the current week. How do we still count items that were completed in the current week regardless of when they were started?

hello @ashchav20, what type of Analysis are you building??

you could use an Expression similar to this one to sort your Completions by Calendar Week: format_date_tz(date_trunc(@Start Time , 'week'), 'ww', 'UTC'). you will need to set the Date Range to All Time, and the Analysis will then group the completions by week (only completed this week for this App, which is why you’re seeing 16):

does this help in what you’re trying to build?? let us know!!

Hey @gio, we’re just trying to create a simple counter that just grabs the date/time of completion during current week. This should do it, thanks again!

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