Request Update for Exporting Data

Exporting data works just fine, but currently there are no way to filter the data that is being exported. Is there a way to export that data that is being entered into the database based on date filters? If this isn’t a possibility at the moment, will it be in the near future?

Hey Taylor, can you clarify which type of data you are talking about? Completions, table records, machine activity, or all of the above?

Yeah! I would like to be able to filter the Table Records by date, to only get entries in a certain time frame.

Okay. We are going to launch the ability to define “Table Queries” on tables in the next 6 weeks, so you will be able to see all records that meet certain date parameters.

However, you will not beable to export the data in that query immediately. We will update this thread when you are able to do that!

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Ok, thank you so much!

Looks like I just stumbled across this limitation as well :scream:

When will this be fixed?

This is in the works - our product team is working on some longer term improvements that will incorporate these suggestions!

In meantime, you could build an analysis with the desired table shape using queries, and then download from the analytics editor- this should keep those filters