Increased visibility to table data in app analytics

Hey All,

We have run into a pretty major limitation to app analytics a handful of times so I though I would document it here.

The issue is the limited access to table data within app analytics. We are trying to make a single number analytic that shows the number of table entries for the current order (needs to be an app analytic to have access to the order number) in the last 60 minutes. There isn’t a good way it tulip logic to hack our way around this limitation.

Right now app analytics provide access to table records, but only for the record currently loaded in the app, not the table as a whole.

Hey Peter, I believe we are actually launching a feature that will help with this in the next 6 weeks! It is called Table Queries, and it will allow you to define these queries at the table level and reference them in apps, as well as run aggregation functions on top of them.

Would you like to be in the beta for this feature?

Hey Kevin,

Sure! I’d love to get a chance to test this out.


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Me, too please! Thanks

Of course!

Will notify both of you.

Any news about the Table Queries feature?

Hi Ove, the “beta” version of this feature will be released in 2 weeks? Would you like to be part of the “beta” group that gets to use it first? If so, I can enable it on your account at that point.

same thing for us in our staging platform. Thanks

Thank you, yes, I would like that.

Will it be possible to set up a query the returns only unique values from a field/column?

Great. That will not be part of the first release, unfortunately.

I 'd love to be a tester.