Access to Analytic values in app logic

Analytics are super powerful, but I have an idea that could make them significatly more powerful -

Right now we can make single number analytics that can do tons of cool things (like allowing dynamic filtering, daterange filtering, etc), but we cant do anything that data in tulip logic.

It would be great if we could send an email when our single number analytic goes above 8%. We can display that 8% but we can’t act based on it.

My proposal would be to allow, in cases where the data is just a single number not a graph, users to select the analytic as a data type in logic. [table record, app variable, analytic value, static value, expression, etc.]. From there they could select the analytic and use the data however they like in the standard Tulip logic.

Thoughts? I think this could be a major simplifier of tulip logic.

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Hey Peter, are these single number analytics referencing table data, machine data or app completion data?

Hey Kevin,

This data is table data, not machine or app completion data.

We completely avoid completions with our app architecture. I get the sense that, like form steps, completions are something tulip built early in your development, but have been working away from. I don’t personally think this is much of a loss.

I don’t fully understand why completions need to exist, we store our data to tables on our own schedule, completions just force us to reload records, cause an interruption in the apps on the floor. Yet to see the value, just additional complexity in the logic.

Yes, I agree, we built it earlier in Tulip’s history and it is unclear how “completions” fit into our future.

As for your request around reacting to Analytics values with app logic, I believe the “Table Queries” project that I mentioned in my other post will solve this as well. I will add you to the beta list!

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