Filtering based on aggregate values in analytics

Hello, is it already possible to filter an analytics query based on an aggregate value?

Something along the following lines…

Our apps produce completions data which is scattered across multiple completion records to capture different states along a single process that can otherwise not properly be captured. Aka the “Save all app data” issue.

We know look for ways to make sense of this completions data that spans multiple completions to document a single process run…

Getting only to the 3rd. part would already be a step forward…

To add a little more context:

The app process in question is not a simple one step after the other. In the middle of the process, a step loop occurs which is repeated until all items are processed.

In order to capture this the “Save all data” trigger is used. With this in place, each stored app completion captures a snapshot of one particular state in the loop… So the completions log looks something similar to this:

Now imagine I would like to answer a question like “What was the average filling duration per unit if the order was completed successfully?”

I would first need to pre-filter my results for only those orders which were completed successfully… and then run the aggregation on the subset.

@sebme Thank you for the details here - If I am understanding, (and correct me if I’m wrong) - you are asking to be able to filter an analysis based on an aggregation as a workaround for the fact that your completions data includes saved app data from an iterative loop in the middle of the process?

Would it be possible to instead of step looping and saving data each loop, to have a separate step for each fill instead? That time spent on each step will be captured automatically.

I do not believe it is possible to filter an analysis based on an aggregation, but will probe the Tulip team further to confirm.

That’s in fact what is happening already… based on observed machine state changes, the app loops through the steps… but there is more data to be saved than just the cycle time…