Run Chart for analytics

We use basic paper run charts to display data trends for our quality numbers with upper and lower spec/control limits. I am struggling with the analytics to create these charts from the tulip app or tulip table. Does anyone have experience doing this or have any ideas?

Here is an example of what I was able to create for one data set but I am unable to replicate this for some reason.

Hey @Jeff, thanks for posting!!

There are currently a couple of ways of doing this, have you by any chance taken a look at this post that @hed submitted a couple of weeks ago?? :link:.

Essentially, you can add variables (or fields in a Table) that default to the limits you’d like to set and use those as the running bounds for your chart. Would that help you achieve what you’d like to do?? Let me know if I’m missing something!!

The request for SPC tools (including upper and lower limits) has already been submitted, and we’ll keep you posted as there are updates.

Sorry, just saw the image you added. Looks like you figured it out already!!

Are you pulling from a Table or App Completions for the one you’re replicating??

I wanted to pull from the table but I was limited in the options for how I could set it up and make it look.

I am also not able to replicate that same chart with any of my other data numbers. The analytics options are not there when I go to select them.

I get this far, but when want to add in my upper an lower limits I am unable to. I only have the option to choose one.

@Jeff the Table Analytics don’t have all of the same features as the App Analytics do and that’s why you’re not able to see the option you’re describing.

Do you have App completions on your App?? If so, have you tried using the Table Record value at App completion to build the Analysis (but from an App Analytic):

@Jeff I just whipped up a little app to see if this might be what you are looking for. Let me know if it is and I’ll put it in your instance.


After reading this thread more closely, @Jeff I see that you are interested in doing this with tables and table analytics. This is also possible.

Here is the app configured to do with with both tables and completions

And here is a look behind the curtains at the table that enables this

Ok so I decided to have some fun with this and we’ll be adding it to library - take a look!