Using Variables as Control Limits in Control Chart

Hi all,
We’ve placed a control chart analysis on a step, the field we want is displayed after using the filters on the widget, that bit is fine and working, the issue arises when we want to use our variables (instead of static or calculated values) for control limits.

I couldn’t find a way to implement that and ended up doing a work around where we are using a multiline chart, store our limits in the field (in addition to the actual value) and display all 3 lines (limits and the actual value)…and it is not as elegant as a proper control chart

So back to the question, is there a way to use variables as limits in control charts?

Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @schauhan, thanks for your post and welcome to Tulip Community!

We’re investigating various ways to make the control chart layer more dynamic.
I’d be very interested in having a conversation with you about your concrete use case.

Would be interested to jump on a call with me to discuss?
In that case, pleases send me a quick message to stefan(at) so we can set up a meeting.