API HTTP Digest Auth headers

Hi I was wondering does the Tulip HTTP API allow for the use of Digest Auth Headers or just general headers?

" All requests to the HP Print Submission API must use HTTPS. Version 1.2 enforces client authentication - each API request must include HTTP Digest Auth headers (IETF RFC2617). Digest Auth credentials will be provided to each authorized client of the API privately.

  • Any HTTPS requests that do not contain valid authentication headers will receive a 401 response code from the API.
  • Any HTTP requests that do not contain valid authentication headers will be redirected to the HTTPS equivalent URI.
  • Any HTTP requests that DO contain authentication headers (valid or not) will receive a 403 response code from the API. It is critical that client authentication headers are not sent in the clear to the printer API.

Important Note: By default, HP MJF printers ship from the factory with self-signed certificates. There will be a mechanism to add CA-signed certs using an HP tool sometime in the coming weeks, but for now clients MUST be able to deal with self-signed certificates when negotiating HTTPS connections."

Hey Adam - yes and no, I think is the answer here.

Yes in the sense that via Connectors you can send any arbitrary HTTP Header to a remote server.

This said, Tulip doesn’t natively support calculating a digest given a set of user credentials from within Connectors or the App Editor (via something like the Expression Editor). The digest to send would need to be calculated with another mechanism.

When it comes to asking our Product team to consider adding this as a feature natively in the Connector interface by posting on this board in community: Product suggestions - Tulip Community

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