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Hello Tulip Community,

I’m trying to get Microsoft Forms answers directly into a Tulip Table.
I’ve created a form and started an automated flow with PowerAutomate that (should) send a http request to Tulip Table API in my instance :

It doesn’t seems to work yet :sweat_smile:
Does someone has experience doing a similar flow ?
Is my body correct ?
For the Authentication I used the api key as username and secret as password that I got from my BOT in Tulip.
Thanks by advance for any help :slight_smile:

@pte I recently built something similar, where a Tulip table could be accessed whenever someone scanned a QR code on their phone. It would bring them to a form which they could fill in.
Here is a video below:

For authentication, I used the headers to pass “Authorization” as the key and the “Bearer YxBp…” as the value. Worked like a charm for me!


Hi Marc,

Really cool bubble app that’ve created. I can see many application of forms directly connected to Tulip Tables. Maybe you’ve already an idea at Tulip about the future of station management that could handle these use cases you described at the beginning of your video.

Thanks for your help with authentication I managed to connect. I’ve changed the headers and changed also the id to a string and voila :

@pte @freedman have either of you triggered a power automate flow via HTTP request?

I’m able to trigger through postman but when I set it up as Tulip connector I’m getting this error.

The issue has something to do with the Authentication:"No Auth". That Tulip connector puts in the header. There is actually auth, the key in the URL. That is why you get the error from MSFT.

I think it would work if you had no or blank Auth header, but not sure how to do this with Tulip connector.

I have seen it done previously though.