Tulip and Excel (a love story)

Let’s face it - even though Tulip can do basically anything, sometimes you and/or your business are using excel for things. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get those charts from excel up onto your Tulip dashboards?

Well guess what - you definitely can!

The authorization process is the only ‘hard’ part to figure out (I’m not very good with those things - but luckily people on our team can help you if you have trouble!). Once you get that going you are ready to start playing around and having fun! Tulip as a front end to Excel… who would have thought?

I’m sure we could do all sorts of things to pull in and edit the data from Excel but at that point you might as well just be using Tulip tables and some slick Apps (admittedly, I am biased… but I work here because I love this platform, not the other way around).


Is this using the Tulip API to write to a tulip table? Need more details of your teaser :slight_smile:

Nope! This is using microsoft’s graph api to snag an image of a chart (in base 64 format). Then we display that image in Tulip as an imageurl variable type.

Here is the get chart image API documentation

hahah ok that is a big cheat! Love it! I can embed whole webpages as images that way…

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you still can connect TULIP with excel by using TULIP API.
For this you need PowerQuery. You start by adding TULIP API as source. Then, use query to map the data.

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