Instructions on how python and Tulip work together

Could you provide a little bit more detailed instructions on how to connect python to Tulip, how to run python code, and how Tulip can save the result from code result (save in Table or App?)

(and what kind of knowledge/skills I need to self-learn in advance so that I will be able to build a dashboard with the source like this?)

There are not many courses/articles/questions about this and I am not quite familiar with the API or connectors. But this function is our main analytics resource and I would really appreciate your help!

Thank you so much!

hello @dorothy, we certainly can!!

have you taken a look at this guide by any chance that @stefan shared a couple of months ago?? Guide: Using the Table API and Python to import data from a Tulip Table into Power BI.

if you’ve already seen it and didn’t provide the information you were looking for, we can provide more information but I wanted to share it has quite useful information on extracting data in Tulip using Python.