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I want to export table records to create Power BI Analysis. Is there a way to export daily created values?
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This is something you could proabably do with a Table API

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Hi OzanB,

I also needed to get Tulip Data into PowerBI for analysis. The only way I could get Tulip data in was through Power Query or Python using the code some nice people in this community created.

Power Query: getallTulipTableRecords in Excel
Python: Guide: Using the Table API and Python to import data from a Tulip Table into Power BI - #3 by stefan

Downside is that Power Query and Python related data extraction does not work in web based Power BI. On top of that, the python query will only work if the computer running the refresh also has python.

I think it would be an amazing improvement if data between Tulip and Power BI could be refreshable in the web client for easier sharing of reports.

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Hi to all,

Thanks for your contributions. We now, can export tables to Power APPs (Power BI). However, I need to find an automatic way. The solution @dsun offered is working.

Hi all,

On this topic, Iā€™d like to draw attention to @william_vanbuskirkā€™s helpful new Power BI template: PowerBI Streamlined Support (Template).


Anyone interested in a more native Power BI connector? Please start a thread in this forum. https://ideas.powerbi.com/ - If you start a thread paste the link back here so others can add.

It will help us get prioritised for a certified native connector.

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