Scheduled automatic table export

Hello dear Tulip users and team,

In order to interpret our data stored in our tulup tables, I need to export csv files every hour from our tulip tables to a data visualization software like for example :

  • Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau

The problem is that I didn’t find any topic about the automatic scheduled export of tulip tables nor about a possible connexion with one of the solutions above. Should I contact Zapier to know if some APIs exist ? Is that possible to get data from tulip several times a day without exporting .csv files manually ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.


Hi @PierrickGuinot -

I believe Release 275 - March 2024 should have just what you are looking for with new capabilities in Automations to do “On a Schedule” events!

Which Action type can we use to export the csv files ?

@Beth I think it is a big stretch to say that Scheduled Automations has resolved this.

@ta-aoki Automations will not be “Exporting CSV” ever as that would be illogical for a background job.

Going back to the original question by @PierrickGuinot , automations can definitely help replicate data from a Tulip Table into other systems, but it is more complicated than a simple connector or scheduled job.

I imagine it will be quite difficult and expensive to have a scheduled automation replicate entire tulip tables on a regular basis. Instead, I would think about using automations to actively store data when it gets generated or updated in tulip into a secondary store such as google sheets or a SQL database. If set up correctly, this means that you will always have live access to tulip data in one of those systems. But you will need to carefully set up your connections for inserting vs. upserting when Tulip fires one of the two automations for “New Record Created” or “Record Updated”

There is also no automation for handling when a table record gets deleted, but the simple solution here is to just never delete data :slight_smile:

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Ah yes fair, I was maybe a little eager on this one :slight_smile:

I like your suggestion, Dan, around using automations to send data as it is generated or updated. Thanks for chiming in here!