Release 275 - March 2024

Hello everyone!

Release 275 is here and brings a ton of updates to the platform. These include functional and UI changes to our recently released features: Input Widget data validation and custom user roles. We’ve also updated various components within the platform: the context pane in the App Editor and configuration in the Analytics Editor, as well as various fixes reported by users.

One more thing I want to call out from this release: r275 is the last version to support deprecated triggers. The Deprecated Triggers Warning section in this release article covers how to know if you have an app that requires action and what to do about it!

View the full 275 Release Notes here.

Let us know your thoughts and questions below!


Vision :video_camera: and Analytics Universal Template :bar_chart: out of Beta!! :tada:

Also, Automations now having “On a Schedule” capabilities is awesome. This opens up so many use cases for automations and I think this will address the following questions and suggestions from Tulip Community:

For Automations on a schedule, check out the helpful video from Jake in the release notes above on how to use it and share any uses cases you plan to implement with this new capability!

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Great to see Automation “on a Schedule”! Did you know if r275 is part of the next LTS12?

@Nicolas - thanks for the feedback and question! In LTS 12 automations will be available but “On a Schedule” won’t be in that release. In general, r275 release will be included in LTS12 though! Automations is just a special case here.