Release 272 - February 2024

Hello Everyone!

Release 272 brings many updates including improvements to the App Editor, new Connectors page functionalities, and Automations features!

View the Full 272 Release Notes Here.

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This release is jam packed with implemented Community product suggestions!! :tada: Thank you everyone for you input and helping to improve Tulip every day :smile:

Here they are:

  1. Display bug: paste Trigger from @ChrisF - Fixed an issue where newly added step-level or app-level triggers would not be displayed right away.

  2. Add ability to open a trigger from an URL from @sebme - We’ve added supports for linking to a Trigger directly. You can share these links in order to open a trigger directly.

  3. & 4. Get access to user data record from @Nicolas & Export User - Add role field from @youri.regnaud - On the Workspace page, users are able to generate and download a CSV using the list of users.

  4. Option to fix objects postions from @axelw - On the apps page, widgets will not move when they are clicked on - reducing risk for accidentally moving widgets when not intending to

  5. Bug: r270 - station details are too small from @ChrisF - On the Stations page, users can expand the Stations and Station Groups details pane to the left. This improves user experience.


Love to see it. Thanks everyone for being so vocal (if frustrated :sweat_smile: at times) and helping us make Tulip the best tool possible for you.


On this feature “Get access to user data record”.
This extraction is very usefull for auditing our user. It is mandatory to review it regularly, to make sure each user are still need access and correct role.
From the new feature available, I would like to ask some key improvement and quick win:

  • “Last Online”: it is now “Last seems a xx month, years, days”. Could you put date format like 2023-10-01 in order to use filter in Excel and aggregate this information with other system that we audit (we have more than 1’500 it is not nice to have a good format for Excel)?
  • Make available this feature also at account level, user page (we have more than 10 workspaces…)


Hi @Nicolas -

Part 1 of your request here has been implemented in Release 280 - May 2024! When exporting users in CSV format, the Last Online time is now shown in ISO standard format.

Stay tuned for part 2 :slight_smile:

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