Option to fix objects postions

There should be an option to fixate objects position and orientation similar to the lock function of the baselayer. Now it is very easy to missclick and change the position of things which is very annoying. Grouping objects postions together would also be a nice feature to have.

Agreed. Should also be an option to Group objects.

Upvote - both functions would be useful quality of life. The amount of times I’ve clicked on something for it to move slightly… can be undone, but it’s annoying!

Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback! This has come up before and the team is looking into this. Stay tuned.


Hi everyone, on Release 272 - February 2024 the team has made it so that widgets will not move when they are clicked on - reducing risk for accidentally moving widgets when not intending to :tada:

I understand grouping widgets is still a desire, and this is still being worked on and tracked in this thread Group Widgets in Applications - but wanted to let y’all know that this feature should help partially fix the problems with accidentally moving widgets :slight_smile: